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Imitation Hard Enamel Pins:

Experience the pinnacle of elegance with our exquisite Imitation Hard Enamel Custom Masonic Lapel Pins. Crafted with the utmost precision, these pins offer a jewelry-like finish that exudes sophistication. The Cloisonné color application process ensures enduring vibrancy, with colors that remain vivid for over a century without fading. Each color is meticulously created from mineral ore, delicately ground into a fine powder before being expertly fired at temperatures of 800 degrees centigrade. This meticulous firing process guarantees that the colors remain vibrant and do not bleed. Our Cloisonné hard enamel Masonic pins exemplify unparalleled craftsmanship, making them a cherished symbol of distinction. Let CNF Interactive be your trusted supplier for these exceptional Custom Masonic Lapel Pins. Contact us today to discuss your needs and discover the manufacturing style that best suits your requirements. Rest assured, our trained eye ensures that our imitation hard enamel pins are virtually indistinguishable from their Cloisonné counterparts. Unlike Cloisonné, our imitation hard enamel pins are compatible with PMS colors, allowing us to match your specific shade precisely.

Photo Etched Soft Enamel Pins:

Discover the perfect balance of elegance and lightness with our Photo Etched Custom Masonic Lapel Pins. Crafted from 0.8mm thick brass, these pins offer a lightweight alternative without compromising on style. Photo etching is an excellent choice for large-sized designs or pins with inlaid flashing lights. With improved techniques, we can now fulfill even the most intricate designs. While the motifs are etched with chemical acid, creating a shallow depth, our photo etched pins offer a myriad of colors, rivalling those of die struck soft enamel pins. Optional epoxy covering adds an extra layer of protection upon request.

Custom Masonic Lapel Pins

Die Struck Pins:

Elevate your style with our Die Struck Bronze Soft Enamel Custom Masonic Lapel Pins. Renowned for their raised metal features, these pins are an immensely popular choice among discerning individuals. Available in a range of finishes, including gold, silver, bronze, and more, our soft enamel pins captivate with their individual hand-filled enamel colors. Each pin undergoes meticulous baking to ensure impeccable color distribution. For enhanced durability, our soft enamel Masonic Lapel Pins can be coated with a protective layer of epoxy. Contact CNF Interactive Masonic Promotional Products and Gifts today to explore the manufacturing style that perfectly suits your Masonic lapel pin needs.

Offset Printed Pins – masonic lapel pins:

Embrace the contemporary allure of our Offset Printed Custom Masonic Lapel Pins. Easily recognizable by their absence of metal borders, these pins make a bold statement. Our two kinds of printed pins, offset printing and silkscreen printing, offer versatility to suit your artwork requirements. With offset printing, we utilize the 4-color process (Yellow/Magenta/Cyan & Black), simplifying the pricing structure. We only charge for 4 colors if no metal border is visible, or 5 colors if a metal border is necessary. Generally, offset-printed pins do not require PMS colors, as we employ CMYK to bring your designs to life.

Silkscreen Printed Pins:

Unleash your creativity with our vibrant Silkscreen Printed Custom Masonic Lapel Pins. Revel in a kaleidoscope of colors, meticulously matched to your specifications from the Pantone color chart. Each pin can feature as many colors as your heart desires, although additional set-up fees may apply for each color. With a solid color printing technique, each block or area exhibits only one color. Silkscreen printed pins are easily recognizable by the absence of metal borders separating different colors. Our expertise in both offset and silkscreen printing allows us to determine the best method based on your unique art or motifs.